CM Coupon Listing Documentation / Merchant's Coupons Plugin

Merchant's Coupons Plugin

CM Coupon Listing Merchant’s Coupons plugin helps you insert list of coupons from a specific merchant into Joomla! article, Custom HTML module or any extension which supports onContentPrepare event.

After installing the plugin, you need to enable it to make it working. You can find it in Plugin Manager with the name Content - CM Coupon Listing Merchant's Coupons.

In Joomla! article or in the editor of the extension, you insert the following tag:

{cmcouponlisting merchant=XX}

XX is the ID of the merchant in CM Coupon Listing. For example if merchant has ID 10, the tag should be:

{cmcouponlisting merchant=10}

The result is the list of coupons with coupon’s name and coupon’s short description.