Create merchant

In your Joomla! back-end, go to Components -> CM Coupon Listing -> Merchants to access the list of merchants on the site

Click New button on the toolbar to create a new merchant.

A merchant has the following data:

  • Name: Merchant’s name.
  • Alias: Merchant’s alias for search engine friendly URL. An alias is created automatically if you don’t provide any alias when you create or edit merchant.
  • Manager: A Joomla! user who manages merchant. This Joomla! user has ability to edit merchant’s profile and coupons in front-end.
  • Categories: Categories of products/services that merchant provides.
  • Overview: A short overview of merchant.
  • Logo: Merchant’s logo.
  • Address: Merchant’s address.
  • Website: Merchant’s website.
  • Phone: Merchant’s phone number.
  • Featured: Merchant is featured. Coupons of featured merchants could be displayed on the top of coupon lists, you can configure this in the component’s configuration.
  • Published: Merchant and merchant’s coupons are displayed in front-end if merchant is published.
  • Active: If merchant is inactive, Joomla! user who manages merchant can’t manage profile and coupons in front-end any more. Inactive merchant and his/her coupons are still displayed in front-end.
  • ID: Record number in database.

Merchant registration

User can register as a merchant on your site via Merchant Registration menu item.


A guest can register as a merchant and as a Joomla! user at the same time.

When a guest registers, Joomla! notification and activation mails could be sent to user and administrators, this depends on your configuration for Users component. Go to your back-end, User Manager, click Options button on toolbar to configure Users component.

Registered user

Registered user can login and then register as a merchant.

A user can only manage 1 merchant. If a user who already manages a merchant access registration form, he/she receives an error message.

Send activated notification mail

When a user registers as a merchant, a merchant is created automatically in CM Coupon Listing, however this merchant is inactive. You can edit inactive merchant, set it to Active, then press Send activated notification mail button on merchant edit page, an email is sent to merchant to notify him/her that his/her merchant account is now active and he/she can submit coupon now.

You can customize the content of activated notification mail in the language file of CM Coupon Listing component.

Edit profile

You need to create a menu item for Merchant management area page, this is where merchant manage his/her coupons and the profile information.

Access the page, merchant can see an overview of the merchant’s profile and coupons. To edit the profile merchant click Edit profile button.